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How often do we come across these type of scam, nearly every single freaking day, don't you guys get it? There is no such thing as a free lunch, a scam is a scam, when you don't have to put any effort to make money, keep your cash in your wallet, google these sites before you foolishly . unwisely part with your dosh. All binary option sites are run by scammers, Think about it , would you share a money making secret if you knew how? DON'T BE A... Read more

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I am confused. I thought I was signing up for a program called My Millionaire Mentor and wold be given a coach at no expense and a simple six step program to follow, which is guaranteed to make $500 the first day. I was guaranteed that I would be paid at least $500 the first month. Instead I ended up with something called MOBE, which appears to be an Internet affiliate marketing program. Apparently I am supposed to pay to promote and market MOBE... Read more

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I watched the video i have screenshots of what it says and i need my $500 ASAP Read more

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Hi yes my name is Ebony Richardson my email is I was aware that if I watched the video I would be guaranteed $500 now I completed the video and I do not see anything about the money I should recieving I belive that's fals advertising and I'm very pissed ! I just lost my father and for me to deal with this is horrible please email me back !!

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Yes it is fraud I paid total 10000 dollars of money to him by installmently.after I known that he was cheated me Read more

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My Millionaire Mentor Ryan Mathews IS a SCAM!!! He 1st PROMISES you are guaranteed $500.00 if you watch a video... THEN comes the page to pay $49.00 for a space that has ONLY 7 left and he is ONLY taking 50 "under his guidance" Well that's all you get You never get anything else but more and more emails asking you to up buy stuff (had to delete my email account) Its false advertising. He requires more and more from you, you'll never get a... Read more

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My Millionaire Mentor Review - Scam or Sweet Opportunity $500 Profit Guaranteed Ok people it is time for another review of a “money on autopilot system” that claims you will get rich in no time, and without you having to do any work at all. What is My Millionaire Mentor? Is it legit or is it just another scam? GET STARTED RIGHT NOW CLICK HERE>> GET STARTED RIGHT NOW CLICK HERE>> Read more

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stay away from purdy. was banned from entering the us for 3 years great storyteller. was fired in the 2000s lost most of his holdings like most americans. just a good speaker nothing more. clients had lost 7 million while teaching at Enlightened Millionaire Institute (EMI) most of his "top students" today had tons of money to begin with you dont need to spend thousands on trips or buy overpriced real estate that's on the mls. ask any of the... Read more

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