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This ryan whatever his last name is and his slutty prissy wife must sleep good at night knowing there ripping people off worse than are president elect anyway! They need to be jailed but like trump will walk free anyway!

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This company,lol, is a joke. They fill your inbox with garbage!

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I watchef the video and no $500 bucks was placed in my account they should remove this scam from millionaires web page. Consumers will be relutant to follow anything on this web

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Millionaire m To Today at 2:16 PM This message contains blocked images. I NEVER CONTACTED YOU, NOW YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY WITH UNWANTED E-MAILS. THERE IS NO WAY TO TELL YOU ON THE E-MAIL TO STOP, STOP SENDING OR I WILL REPORT YOU AS AN ABUSER OF E-MAILS. millionairementor8955852] Fwd: please complete this immediarely Millionaire m To Today at 2:16 PM This message contains blocked images.... Read more

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What I don't understand is why anyone would believe any of this garbage... These cons much like ***-ary Clinton have proven time and time again that they are no more than common thiefs cheats and lier's Read more

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I am receiving hundreds of e-mails from this company on a weekly basis. Unsubscribe requests have been ignored. They are generating fake names by the hundreds. I just reported them to the FBI and Federal Trade Commission. I never requested any information from them and have no idea how they obtained my personal e mail. Disgusted. This is harassment at the highest level and I hope they are fined for doing this to people. It takes a special form... Read more

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About 20 emails per day!!! Impossible to unsubscribe!!! What should I do! Moreover I'm not even in US! I don't even know how they get my email address... I am so upset with those sh#t!!! Read more

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Hi. These peopke spam me every day at least 6 times. They are complete arseholes.

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Yes I watched the whole video, put in all info on the page, then the email totally disappeared! So i expect my $500 as promised. If that doesn't happen i will be filing a lawsuit with this company, maybe then i will become the millionaire you assured me i would be! Read more

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You guys lie you said if i wated the video i will get the amount of 500$ and i didn't thats where the lie starts i would like to be contacted by someone.

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