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Millionaire m To Today at 2:16 PM This message contains blocked images. I NEVER CONTACTED YOU, NOW YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY WITH UNWANTED E-MAILS. THERE IS NO WAY TO TELL YOU ON THE E-MAIL TO STOP, STOP SENDING OR I WILL REPORT YOU AS AN ABUSER OF E-MAILS. millionairementor8955852] Fwd: please complete this immediarely Millionaire m To Today at 2:16 PM This message contains blocked images.... Read more

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What I don't understand is why anyone would believe any of this garbage... These cons much like ***-ary Clinton have proven time and time again that they are no more than common thiefs cheats and lier's Read more

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I am receiving hundreds of e-mails from this company on a weekly basis. Unsubscribe requests have been ignored. They are generating fake names by the hundreds. I just reported them to the FBI and Federal Trade Commission. I never requested any information from them and have no idea how they obtained my personal e mail. Disgusted. This is harassment at the highest level and I hope they are fined for doing this to people. It takes a special form... Read more

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About 20 emails per day!!! Impossible to unsubscribe!!! What should I do! Moreover I'm not even in US! I don't even know how they get my email address... I am so upset with those sh#t!!! Read more

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Hi. These peopke spam me every day at least 6 times. They are complete arseholes.

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Yes I watched the whole video, put in all info on the page, then the email totally disappeared! So i expect my $500 as promised. If that doesn't happen i will be filing a lawsuit with this company, maybe then i will become the millionaire you assured me i would be!

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You guys lie you said if i wated the video i will get the amount of 500$ and i didn't thats where the lie starts i would like to be contacted by someone.

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In regards to the post below. Yes, we did get the refund from these guys! i want to tell you more: Have you met Cory and Mike? they are members now of they are a big scam! If that Brian Peterson is a Milionaire; i'm the prime minister in Canada. i think the only guy that makes money is Ryan that's it. You have to call Lynda everyday to get the refund and tell her; you will be sending the xeriff soon if she doesnt refund... Read more

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How often do we come across these type of scam, nearly every single freaking day, don't you guys get it? There is no such thing as a free lunch, a scam is a scam, when you don't have to put any effort to make money, keep your cash in your wallet, google these sites before you foolishly . unwisely part with your dosh. All binary option sites are run by scammers, Think about it , would you share a money making secret if you knew how? DON'T BE A... Read more

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I am confused. I thought I was signing up for a program called My Millionaire Mentor and wold be given a coach at no expense and a simple six step program to follow, which is guaranteed to make $500 the first day. I was guaranteed that I would be paid at least $500 the first month. Instead I ended up with something called MOBE, which appears to be an Internet affiliate marketing program. Apparently I am supposed to pay to promote and market MOBE... Read more

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